Teacher Training

Children’s Outreach Ministries provides on-site teacher training workshops to help enrich your children’s ministry. We offer a wide variety of classes such as:

“The Need to Evangelize Children”

“How to Lead a Child to Christ”

“Seven Things Children Need”

“You - the Teacher”

“Are You Telling a Bible Story, or
Teaching a Bible Lesson?’

(Preparing & presenting the Bible lesson)

“Singing - Music with a Message”

“Memorizing Can Be Fun!”

(Tips for teaching the memory verse)

“Teaching Missions in Your Class Hour”

“Teaching Children to Pray”

“Discipline Problems: Causes & Cures”

“Review Time - Learning Can Be Fun!”

“Teaching New Christians”

“Growing Through God’s Word”

(Helping your child begin a quiet time)

“Victory Over Sin”

“Teaching Children to Share their Faith”


Contact us for more information or to schedule a training.

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